How To Pay Your Home Mortgage Off And Be Debt

How To Pay Your Home Mortgage Off And Be Debt Free In 6-10 Years Or Less With Little Change To Income Or Expenses The New Zealand Way Ariel Metekingi knew there was a way to pay off debts and a home mortgage quicker than what was being offered on the US market. Living in New … Continue reading How To Pay Your Home Mortgage Off And Be Debt

How To Pay Your Home Mortgage Off And Be Debt Free In 6-10 Years Or Less With Little Change To Income Or Expenses The New Zealand Way

Ariel Metekingi knew there was a way to pay off debts and a home mortgage quicker than what was being offered on the US market. Living in New Zealand where homeowners pay off their homes and are debt free on an average of 6-10 years, he experienced how it worked there and in Australia.

“I was surprised to find that Americans, generally considered worldwide leaders and innovators, are laboring with archaic mortgage programs where the major face-lift has been bi-monthly mortgage payments and the second mortgage,” says Metekingi. “I found that the American Mortgage industry was seriously lacking in some of the wealth building mortgage and financial principles that have become so prevalent in New Zealand and Australia.”

Enter Money Principal Group, a company located in Utah, founded by Metekingi. Their premier innovative mortgage product, The Mortgage Eliminator, is based on a 30 year+ proven Australian industry standard and model in use by over a third of homeowners in that country. It was later introduced to the New Zealand market, where homeowners achieve similar results; paying off their debts and mortgage on average of 6-10 years.

This powerful new tool to combat the current financial plague of debt in America combines a mortgage and a full-service bank account. The new “all-inclusive” type loan creates huge savings in interest payments and loan payoffs in one-half to one-third the time requiring little to no change to current spending habits or income.

How does it work? Homeowners deposit income and other assets into the new mortgage account and since it allows access like a checking account, expenses are paid out from it by check or ATM card. The fundamental part is, when the homeowners’ money isn’t being used it sits in the mortgage account reducing the daily loan balance on which interest is computed. This saves on average hundreds of thousands in interest over the life a typical loan. Less interest paid means more money for principal, so the homeowner builds equity faster and owns their home sooner.

“What this does for homeowners, is it empowers them to take control of their financial health,” says Metekingi. “With our program, a homeowner can combat the financial cancer known as consumer debt plus current mortgage options and it allows the homeowner to reach their goals sooner in life, rather than later. This isn’t a mystical trick of numbers; it is simply taking away the interest spread banks earn and gives it back to the homeowner.”

Is this new loan product and system for everyone?

Yes, if you can achieve the simple disciplines of budgeting and currently have positive cash flow or are willing to review your budget to recover funds to create significant positive cash flow. You must be coachable and allow your goals to dictate your plan of action. If you’re willing to do that, the payoff is unlimited and getting rid of debt and your home mortgage in 6-10 years is no longer a dream, it’s a reality.

“The ability to be mortgage free within 6-10 years, quickly eliminate consumer debt, and free up existing income to start a significant investment program for the future is a now a reality. This can all be possible without requiring any additional income or reducing standard of living. The Mortgage Eliminator has empowered the individual in New Zealand and Australia to positively impact their own financial destiny in ways, which traditionally, many could not otherwise achieve,” says Metekengki. “It is now available for the US, to achieve the same level of financial success and freedom, already experienced and proven in these international markets.”

Seize The Opportunity And The Job: The Interview

So, youve submitted a killer Curriculum Vitae and supporting documents. Youre ahead of the pack and have just received a call for an interview. What do you do next?

The interview is the most stressful and important part of job hunting. This is where the employers make a decision based on his or her impression of whether to hire you for their job. You will want to do your best in this part because here lays the culmination of all your job hunting efforts. Flub it here and all your efforts from application to examinations will go down the drain.

1. Make a Great Impression
Always dress in your best attire for the interview. Your attire should be appropriate. No matter what the company may require for their employees, the first impression for applicants should be conservative business attire.

2. Do a Little Research
One of the best ways to make a good impression on your interviewer is to do a little research on the company you are applying for. This will equip you with material to answer many of the questions the interviewer will ask. One of the main points of the questions you will be asked is how your skills can benefit the company. If you know a thing or two about the company, you will find it a lot easier to answer this question. Plus, dropping a few meaty tidbits about how much you know about the company will go a long way in impressing the interviewer.

3. Watch Your Body Language
Many of the interviewers are well versed in body language, and you will find that, throughout the interview, they will be looking for hints about your personality from the way you act, talk, and move. It would be abnormal to assume a different set of body language during the interview. What you should do is to take note of your body language so that at least it communicates openness and honesty.

Avoid telling lies or embellishing your answers. Experienced interviewers will notice this in an instant. Always keep your palms open and avoid crossing your legs or your arms together. Do not be afraid to make eye contact while speaking; just make sure that you do not come across as intimidating.

4. Confidence
Walk in with a purpose. Answer with a purpose. Try not to be too self-conscious. Make sure you are confident in what you say. If you hit a snag and find yourself in a compromising situation, make sure you handle the situation confidently even when saying that you do not know an answer to a question.

Confidence reflects competence. Employers always look for competent people to fill their ranks.

Stop Going to Networking Events and Get MORE Business

A few days ago I returned from my annual National Speaker’s Association (NSA) conference in Atlanta. The educational sessions were OK, the hotel was so-so, and the town was lacking in exciting things to do, but my experience was stellar. How is that possible?

Though I am often accused of being an extrovert, I consider myself quite introverted, as I truly dislike social events and networking gatherings where I am forced to meet new people and mingle with individuals whom I don’t know. You know the feeling – that insecure child inside of you automatically assumes that you won’t like anyone new and that they probably won’t like you, either. It’s simply safer to stick with people with whom you already have a relationship.

Of course, the adult inside knows that to grow as a person (and as a business), you must meet new people, network effectively, and experience new challenges. So, what do you do?

As an introverted defense mechanism, I learned that becoming involved with committees, task forces, and boards, I could meet a lot of people without the painfulness of cold networking. Joining committees provides the unique opportunity to hide behind the tasks of the group to meet others until you feel more comfortable and less socially awkward. It allows you to get to know someone well, while working together on a joint effort. What a concept!

My NSA convention was a huge personal and professional success because I am actively involved with one of the charitable events surrounding the organization. My involvement with this group gives me the avenue to meet people whom I would have never even met under normal convention circumstances.

Some of my closest friends, mentors, buddies, and clients have come into my life as a result of being an involved member of an organization. Though, of course, being involved often means giving up a significant portion of time working towards the greater good of the organization, but it provides a unique opportunity to meet people who can make a difference in your life.

So, if you are like me, and don’t enjoy business card exchanges, networking events, baby showers, or standard social gatherings, then by-pass them all and join a committee or get on a board. It will be your quickest and most effective path to meeting people with whom you can connect personally and professionally.

It will impact your business and your life all while working on a worthwhile project. How fantastic is that?

Check Out A Vending Machine Sale Start Your Own

Check Out A Vending Machine Sale Start Your Own Home Based Business

A vending machine sale will give you a clear picture of the wide range of vending machines with which you can start your own profitable home based business. There are many distributors of vending machines and bulk vending products that will supply you with all the information you need regarding prices of machines and the bulk products you need to restock them. While candy and food service vending machines are the most common, there are many more types of vending machines you can use to turn a profit. It is only when you attend a vending machine sale that you get the overall picture of how this business works.

You dont have to spend time searching the classifieds to find a vending machine sale near you. A simple online search will net you thousands of results for distributors of bulk vending products and the machines that sell them. The distributors have all kinds of vending machines, both new and used, so you can search for the cheapest machines in the line of products that you want to sell. Getting the machines for a sale price along with the bulk products means that it wont take you very long to get back your initial investment in sales.

The main factor in making money with a vending machine business is to choose a location where there is lots of traffic. Traffic translates into sales when your vending machines are visible. Bus stations, airports, office buildings, hotels all of these are prime money making locations for vending machines of all types. A vending machine sale will let you see right away the machines you think could work for you. When you get a price list from distributors of bulk vending products, you can easily do the math to see how you can make money.

With a vending machine sale, you have the opportunity to have a business where you do not have to worry about credit card fraud, bounced checks or credit. The vending machine business is a cashless industry in that you do not have to even deal with the customers. You get permission from business owners to place your machines in their location and purchase the products from distributors of bulk vending products. Since you buy in bulk, you will only need to make purchases occasionally. The more bulk products you buy, the more money you can save.

Even with a vending machine sale, you should not expect to become rich over night. Like any other business, the vending machine business requires work. If you start small and learn the ropes, you can easily develop this home based business into your main source of income. You will need to have space in your home to store the bulk products that you buy from distributors of bulk vending products, especially if you have a lot of vending machines. You also need to keep good records of your purchases of bulk products and the results of the money you make from sales in each machine. This is how you can really get a good picture of which machines are the best and what you need to look for at the next vending machine sale.